Be a Smart Mouth

Why is brushing not enough to keep my gums and teeth healthy?

Brushing is effective at cleaning the exposed surfaces of your teeth and gums, the problem lies between the teeth where toothbrush bristles can’t reach. Flossing is the only effective way to remove debris and bacterial plaque from these surfaces.

Can I use Flossolution if I have crowns, bridges, implants, dentures or braces?

You can use Flossolution anywhere you can use regular dental floss, meaning anywhere floss can travel between teeth. If teeth are connected by braces or bridges, floss can’t pass between them and you need to consult your dentist on the best techniques to clean those areas.

What if my gums bleed when I floss?

If you’re not a regular flosser, this is likely to happen as you get started. However, it won’t last long. Gums generally bleed for two reasons when flossing. 1) You have gum disease and when the floss touches the inflamed tissues it stimulates bleeding, almost like rubbing an open wound, or 2) You create wounds by flossing with improper technique. We see it all the time when we ask patients to show us how they floss, and they start sawing side to side, instead of working it up and down each tooth surface. To solve #1, you need to see your dentist and address the disease, as well as improve your home hygiene by flossing nightly with good technique, after which the inflammation and bleeding will most likely stop. To solve #2, Flossolution was designed to take technique out of the equation. In addition to the benefits of Flossguard Technology, the floss is designed to be relaxed between the flosser tips, not under tension, which eliminates the paper cut effect that occurs with other flossers or when holding regular floss too tight. The Flossolution approach also eliminates the sawing effect because you floss with one hand and even if you tried, the flosser isn’t wide enough to make sawing movements.” It might take your gums up to two weeks of regular flossing to adjust to your new routine. Keep flossing nightly and if your gums continue to bleed after two weeks of regular flossing, consult your dentist.

What if the sensation of using Flossolution tickles or is uncomfortable?

During our testing phase, we had a few patients comment on the tickling feeling associated with sonic flossing. It is definitely a new feeling, but one you should easily get used to. Just like anything else that’s new to you, there can be a learning curve, but keep at it, reference our how to videos for tips, and we think you’ll love it. As far as pain goes, it shouldn’t hurt to use this product, if it does, see your dentist for a check up to rule out active dental disease that might be triggering the pain.

Where can I buy the Flossolution 500 Series and accessories?

Currently you can buy the 500 series and it’s accessories on this website (BUY NOW). If you need assistance ordering through our website, please email us at care@flossolution.com.

How long is my Flossolution warranty?

Your Flossolution warranty is for one year from the purchase date. However, you must register on our website for the warranty to be valid and provide proof of purchase.

Do you have a child’s version of Flossolution?

Not yet, but it’s in the works. For now, use our 500 Series, as it makes flossing your children’s teeth very easy! Go to Floss for your Family on our How-to video page and watch Flossing your children’s teeth.

How often should I change the Flosser on my Flossolution?

We recommend that you change the flosser at least every 7 - 10 uses. This will help ensure that your floss stays clean and effective. Make sure you rinse the Flosser and Flossarm and keep it in a clean place, just as you do with your toothbrush. If you want, it can be fun to “dip” it into your favorite mouthwash while you use it!

How often should I change the Flossarm on my Flossolution?

You should change your Flossarm at least every two months to ensure that the fitment between the Flossarm and the Flosser stay tight and safe.

Why is it necessary to change the Flossarm when it doesn’t look worn out?

To ensure a tight and safe fitment with the Flosser, it is necessary to remember to change the Flossarm every two months. After consistent and proper use of the Flossarm, the contact and fitment with the Flosser could wear and possibly loosen, causing the Flosser to lose its tight attachment. This can result in poor function or a detachment of the Flosser from the Flossarm.

How often should I change the Brusharm?

It’s very important to change your Brusharm at least every 3 months. Although you might think that the Brusharm looks like it could last longer, the bristles wear out just like a manual brush. This affects the overall performance of the Brusharm, making it less effective.

How long will the charge on the battery last on my Flossolution?

When fully charged, the battery on your Flossolution can last up to two weeks with regular use, without recharging. It’s always best however to store it on the charging base in between uses.

Can I use Flossolution if I have gum disease?

Absolutely! Anything you can use to help remove debris and bacterial plaque from the spaces between your teeth will help to fight against gum disease.

How do you floss with the Flossolution 500 series?

It’s really easy, let the sonic energy help to move the floss between the contact point between your teeth, then the Flossguard will contact the chewing surfaces of the teeth before the floss can traumatize the gum, the Flossguard can then be compressed up to 3 mms to let the floss travel below the gum, then the tension free floss attached between the flosser tips can be formed into a “C” shape around each tooth surface, which you then move up and down for a thorough clean. Wow, that’s pretty tough to read!!! Watch the video "How Flossolution Works" on our How-to page by clicking HERE.

When should I floss?

We like to see flossing done at night before bed, after all meals and snacks. It’s very important to remove all the bacterial plaque and buildup from the surfaces of your teeth before you go to bed because it minimizes the damage that can be done to your teeth and gums during those most important sleeping hours!

Should I floss or brush first?

To be really picky, we would love to see you perform a quick brush without rinsing, then floss and finish with a thorough brushing. That’s why the Flossolution 500 series includes a Brusharm with the Flossarm. Flossing removes lots of plaque and debris from the spaces between your teeth, so it’s a good idea to finish with proper brushing for a through clean. It should only take 3-4 minutes and your mouth will thank you for it! If you can’t imagine switching back and forth, we want you to floss first and finish with a thorough brushing.

I’m used to using floss one time and throwing it away. Is it OK to use the same flosser 7-10 times?

Our question to you is, how often do you change your toothbrush? Yes, it's OK to use the same flosser 7-10 times, just be sure to wash and clean the flosser during and after every use and make sure it doesn't look visibly worn or degraded. For our flossers to function properly the fitment with the Flossarm needs to be tight, which is why we want them to be replaced after 7-10 uses or sooner if you feel the fit has become loose.

How can I contact someone from Flossolution?

The easiest and fastest way to contact us is through email at care@flossolution.com, however you can also write to us at 15820 Dora Avenue, Suite B, Tavares, FL 32778. A Flossolution Care representative will be in touch with you within 2 business days of your correspondence.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Currently we do not ship outside of the United States directly from our website. If you have international shipping needs, please contact us at care@flossolution.com.